Pirandai - Authencity with freshness. Haven't you tired it yet?

Pirandai is has wonderful medicinal uses and health benefits. It is called "Adamant Creeper | Devil's Back Bone | Veldt Grape" in English and its botanical name is Cissus quadrangularris and it is called Hadjot in Hindi. I believe that the more I learn about the wonderful foods, that are grown around us , the deeper is the belief that flora and fauna must be chronicled and must be made aware to everyone, especially children. We must learn and taught the diet which is unique to our land as well as the benefits arising from the same. We have always seen our elders surpassing the education of this kind and it impromptly sticks to our mind. We should also start practicing the same.

On one such occasions I got to learn about Pirandai when I travelled to Bangalore, couple of years back to stay at my Uncle’s home. For the dinner they had made the South Indian special Dosa and Pirandai chutney. The Aunt claimed stating the food that everything is home made here. She later showed me her backyard in which Pirandai plant was growing. This creeper can be very easily grown in pots at home as it grows easily.

Let’s have a look on health benefits of Pirandai: It treats indigestion, fractures and sprains, is a best worming medicine, treats piles, menstrual problems and is also the best home remedy for ear pain. Pirandai chutney or thogayal is very famous in South India and if you have young children at home, who don't eat well, try giving this Pirandai chutney weekly twice. People who complain of indigestion can also often include Pirandai at least weekly twice in their diet. A paste or poultice made of Pirandai is also used extensively for treating sprains.

Pirandai & Pleasures

  • Chutney made from Pirandai is helpful in treatment of all digestion related problems like gastritis, indigestion and lack of appetite. Chutney can be made in matter of minutes and tastes really good. You can also eat, mix the thogayal/ chutney with hot rice and little bit of ghee. It tastes wonderful.

  • Paste made from Pirandai is very good for treating sprains and swollen joints. It is also one home remedy that many people in our village use often for minor injuries, as it heals the minor sprains and fractures very fast.

  • One delicious and an easy way to consume Pirandai, without any effort on our part and that is by consuming pappads. Sounds good right? Traditionally, urad dal pappads were always made with Pirandai.

  • It is difficult to make young children eat Pirandai thogayal, so try giving Pirandai in the form of vathal (Dried vegetables). We can include Pirandai vathal in their diet to prevent them from getting stomach disorders.

You must have heard the famous adage that “prevention is better than cure”, so if we include these kinds of medicinal plants in the form of greens or in the form of powder weekly once or twice in our diet, we can prevent many diseases. Kamaleya care for your food and future. We bring to your plate, Kamaleya Pirandai Idli, Kmaleya Pirandai Dosa and Kamaleya Pirandai Podi to suit to your daily food regime. Our motto is "Health meets Convenience. We aim that our food and spices give you the goodness, flavors and aroma that come from pure and unadulterated spices. Add them to your daily diet to infuse a punch of flavor without compromising on your health. Good food choices are investments and add to the treasure of nutrition in our body and taste for our tongue.

Eat good, feel healthy!

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