The need of hour - Organic Farming

We are living at a time where we see an Earth-wide temperature boost and we are chocking with contamination and pollution. At such prevailing times we can see organic farming as man’s gift to nature. The objective of organic farming is to take care of the nature and the future. Furthermore, in our inclination to take care of the developing and hungry population, we have picked an inappropriate way, the way of artificial fertilizers and synthetic substances. The devastating truth is that because of consistent and through use of synthetic substances, these toxicants are going into our body through the chemically fertilized plants.


There are many insects found in farm land that are beneficial for both the crop cultivation and to farmers in number of aspects such as natural enemies, pollinators, productive insects, weed eaters, soil builders and scavengers. In present times the motive of farmers is limited to ripe the maximum benefit from selling their crops, ignoring the impact of chemicals and synthetics on insects, health of environment and humans. Synthetic fertilizers and pest control can be a heavy tool to maximize yield but heavy use of these tools can cause farmers and consumers serious health risks and also defoliation in these beneficial insects. By using common and well disposed way of farming we can manage congruity between man and nature. This creates a favorable and prosperous world for human kind.


When we talk about inorganic farming, it is based on conventional farming. Use of GMOs and fertilizers is commonly seen to ripe the crops faster and also to avail its benefits. The use of fertilizers and other pest control techniques often make end produce contaminated with chemicals. And thus it challenges the soil fertility.

Organic farming is based on ecology, and it does not make use of genetically modified seeds and fertilizers to cultivate crops. Also the produce obtained from organic farming is free of chemicals. Soil fertility is maintained for longer period in organic farming method. Irrigation requirements are reduced while producing crops organically.


When you are choosing organic food or organic mode of cultivation, you are not only saving yourself and your family from consuming pesticides, but also doing your bit to save our environment and nature. Organic farming provides better control over pests and bugs without using chemicals and synthetics that hurt our soil, air and water, natural surroundings. It offers a sustainable environment with better pest control techniques and yields.

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