Barnyard Millet- India's fasting food

Barnyard millet is said to be the healthy fasting food of India. It is popularly known as Kudiraivali rice. It is mainly grown in the hilly areas of Uttaranchal, India. Under ideal climates, it is the fastest developing crop, as the yields mature grains within 45 days from sowing.

The barnyard millet tastes almost similar to broken rice when cooked and because of this it is also called the “sanwa rice”. The millet is tiny in shape, white, rounder and bigger in size than semolina (rawa) and smaller than sago (sabudana).

Setting it apart

This grain becomes starchy and turns sticky when cooked, it is ideal to prepare kheer and sweet items. This millet can also be used in preparing desserts such as halwa, sweet kolukattai, kheer adhirasam, kesari and sweet adai. Noodles can also be made from this millet for longer shelf life.

Barnyard Halwa

It is a good source of highly digestible protein, and also low in calories as compared to other cereals. You can consume it at anytime of the day. It just not gives energy but also does not make you feel full after consumption. This yield is free from any major fungal infection, thereby lending itself to great uses in fodder.

Different states, different names

In Bengali, the crop is known as ‘shyama’, while in Gujrati it is called as ‘moraiyo’. In Hindi the name goes as ‘sanwa’ and in Kannada as ‘oodalu’, in Tamil ‘kuthiraivolly’ and in Telugu as ‘udalu’.

Health benefits

It is highly economical grain which is easily available in India. It makes excellent nourishment for those of all ages and is popular as nature’s gift to the modern diet. This highly beneficial grain contains vitamin B3. It aids in reducing high blood cholesterol, thereby contributing to better cardiovascular health. It contains a fair amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat, making it a wholesome meal, which is rich food for those suffering from anemia.

It also gives a considerable measure of phosphorus, which aids in strengthening of bones and teeth. This millet is rich in iron and has antioxidants that are believed to help reduce chances of colon cancer. It also slows down muscle degeneration.

This millet is an appropriate food for intolerants of gluten. Loaded with fibre and Vitamin-B, in a vegetarian diet, this cereal provides a high source of iron and is a must-required grain for those who have low blood hemoglobin count. Those people who are on a weight reduction program can take this type of food and stay benefited as this energy giving food does not make you feel bloated after eating.


It can be given to people of all ages starting from toddlers of six months as porridges, as malt, upma and dosa to children and adults. This can be taken as an ideal replacement for rice/dosa/idli/ dhokla batters. It can be taken at any time of the day and also be taken regularly as you consume wheat and rice. It can be added in the weight loss diet and give wonderful results. Skipping meals can lead to nutrition deficiency and we end up consuming more calories as one tends to eat more in the next meal. To have a balanced diet and wholesome nutrition one can add barnyard millet.


  • It can be given as porridge to infants and as cheela, dosa, idli for toddlers above one year.

  • Whole grains of barnyard millets are commonly used to prepare dishes such as upma, khichdi, and pulav, especially during the fasting days.

  • In South India, it is used in breakfast as idli, dosa, uppma. Whereas, in other regions, the delicacy is presented as chapathi, kharka and roti, as it is highly beneficial.

  • It is also used to make snacks like vadai, pakoda, ribbon pakoda, hot kolukattai, murukku and papad.

The barnyard millet is a nourishing and wholesome grain over and above common cereal grains like rice, wheat, semolina (rawa) and by no means should be restricted to just the fasting days. It holds benefits rendered by millet grains, is easily available at Kamaleya and makes a tasteful food for all age groups. Varied food preparations can be made in a jiffy with the Kamaleya Barnyard Millet and Kamaleya barnyard powder. Our motto is "Health meets Convenience. Eat good and feel better.



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