Horsegram- A super pulse

Horse gram or Macrotyloma uniflorum is a pulse crop widely cultivated and consumed in India since ancient times. This important and under-utilized tropical crop is found mostly in dry agricultural lands and is in low profile but is ready to expand its reputation. Other varieties of grams like red, black and green are already famous. Since the horse gram is one of the lesser known beans, while seeds of horse gram is generally utilized as cattle feed. It is consumed as a whole seed, whole meal and sprouts popularly in South Indian states.

Horse gram is considered as a miracle super food. It is rich in nutrients and has plenty of minerals such as calcium, iron and protein. Benefits of horse gram for our overall health-

· Horse gram consists of good amount of fiber which helps with improving digestion of our body. Also, it helps in soaking up additional fluids from the intestine and the stomach.

· It helps in dealing with conjunctivitis.

· Horse gram aids in weight loss when consumed in powder form with cumin seeds.

· The high iron content in horse gram helps in maintaining the levels of hemoglobin in the body.

· Horse gram helps in bringing down the level of bad cholesterol.

· It can also be used as a face pack to treat rashes, boils and skin disorders.

· It also helps treatment of diabetics, digestion, leucorrhea, kidney stones, ulcers and many more.


At Kamaleya, Horsegram is grown and taken care in lateritic soil and shining sun. It has up to 28% of protein and hence it rightly deserves the title of ‘super pulse’. It is a high calorie value food with almost no fat. The unprocessed, raw horse gram seeds have the ability to reduce high blood sugar following a meal, by slowing down carbohydrate digestion and helps in reducing insulin resistance. This makes it an extra diabetic-friendly food. In our day- to-day lives we might not find regular time to take the benefits of this super food. At Kamaleya, keeping in mind this effective source of food have made been available as Horsegram soup and Horsegram powder. Our motto is "Health meets Convenience”. Right nutrition is the best medicine and we aim at serving it with a good mixture of taste.

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