How to reintroduce millets in your diet?

Let’s Millet

We all are going retro these days by wearing retro -classic clothes, visiting untouched forests for perfect holiday spot and even developing taste for artifacts and retro music. So why don’t we also develop a taste for retro food? Can’t we go back to tasty recipes of our grandmothers?

Let me suggest you, health-conscious people put the best cereals that India produces, our millets, back into your diets. I am not against our tradition of eating rice and wheat, after all these are staple food of India. But it is the time that we reintroduce ourselves to millets. Millets are becoming the new trend, a class of cereals the world is gradually acknowledging and something we have ignored to our own gross disadvantage. Millets are environmentally sustainable, nutritious and gluten free.

Millet & Delights
Ragi Dosa
  • Every one of us have us eaten dosa or dosai once in lifetime, as it among the most common food made with love in kitchens of our country. And wonder what if you turn your dosa into a healthy dosa and enjoy it without worries. You can simply replace your dosa batter with your favorite millet and enjoy the taste. We can make Millet idlli for a healthy change.

  • You can also use Little millet or samai in place of rice and enjoy it with sambhar and chutney.

Vermicelli Noodles
  • Vermicelli is a good option to amaze children with nutrients and also giving them a break from packaged noodles.

  • In north idea Poha and Upma are made almost every day as breakfast so as to give a healthy start of day, you can switch to Millet Poha and Millet upma for a healthy start of day.

  • We all crave for delights and delicacies after dinner, but we have to ignore it many times due to the calorie counts in it. Here comes Millet Porridge and Millet Ragi malt to the resue, to serve as good substitute for after meal cravings.

Children learn from their parents and grandparents. My mother used to force me to eat Ragi mude “I was not a fan, but eventually developed a taste for it. Millets were also part of my grandparents’ diet, she regularly tends to eat jowar roti, bajra roti & gud and summer special, “ghaat”. The right cooking technique and a good recipe can lift almost any ingredient. Millets can easily be included in the diet as they are very versatile. We can make millet pancakes for breakfast, millets can be prepared like rice, can be substituted for potatoes when cooked with gravy, and even make a great addition to bread. Millets are great bed for roasted vegetables and stews.

The taste of Rajasthan- Bajra Roti, ghee & Gud
Delicious Millet Pancake

was never a two-grain nation. Our grandparents ate all sorts of grains. We should also start eating everything in the right quantity, be it rice, wheat, ragi, jowar, bajra, even quinoa (if one wants to spend money)—because each one brings its share of goodness. The key to eating right lies in diverse food, not becoming a victim of a food fad.

We at Kamaleya promote a healthy culture of living so as to have an excellent life with better health. We lay emphasis on good food and hence we produce best millets with our farmers. Kamaleya’s millet range is available as Kamaleya Poha, Kamaleya cornflakes or cereals, Kamaleya upma, Kamaleya dosa and Kamaleya vermicelli. Bring taste as well as nutrition with us.


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