Let's meet Kamaleya.

Welcome to Kamaleya Organics

Kamaleya is derived from the Sanskrit word for Lotus, symbolizing purity.

Kamaleya is committed with consistency to give products that promote the goodness of health to the body, mind, and soul. Kamaleya is founded with the thought of serving the community with the high-quality food. Health is the source of happiness and prosperity in living systems. In a period where people are removing the decency of nature, we endeavor to turn the wheel around by saving it.

We are a co-op, purely driven by the love for farming. We take produce from our farms. We work with 120 local family farmers who practice Vedic agriculture with love and care. We present a life of quality to our farmers and their family. We help farmers practice sustainability with sustainable incomes and thus Support local Businesses, Support Farmers. We hope for your continuous support in our journey.


At Kamaleya, we nurture and care for our product from the sapling until it becomes a complete food product. Crops are grown using natural fertilizers like manure, compost and crop residues to improve plant growth. Besides, healthy food habits simply mean healthy people and better nourishment for a better living for both people and animals. Our food range has no usage of genetically modified seeds, fertilizer, pesticide and additives. The food is harvested when ripe and thus fresher and full of flavor. The good food is need of hour today. We at Kamaleya work on the principle of health, ecology, fairness, and care to provide you with the best.

We are currently into the manufacturing and selling of rice, pulses, spices, millets, grains, chutney, soups, idli/dosa mix, podi, ghee, oil, beverages and much more! We try to bring more to your life every day by passionately focused on the purity of ingredients and efficacy of formulations. All of Kamaleya’s high quality, beautifully packaged products are grown organically and available on website.


Nature is an amazing embodiment of harmony, balance and sustainability. Imagine what would happen if cows decided to set records and outdo or break them every time they give milk!! Imagine the gorillas coming up with a gourmet menu of fancy dishes using a variety of bananas!

We lay emphasis on promoting organic farming in a sustainable manner and to explore domestic and global market for the organic products we either produce or trade. To improve living standards of small and marginal farmers through fair trade practices.



  • To maintain compliance with organic standards under different schemes.

  • To serve customers with quality products.

  • To contribute local economy by fair price policy to our cluster farmers.

  • To widen network of companies that are working in organic industry.

  • To promote Indian organic food products at national/international level.



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