Manathakalli- A Musky, Sweet & Nutritious treat

Manathakalli or better known as Black nightshade or wonder cherry is found in wooden areas and is used to treat number of disorders. The small dark fruit which the plant bears is rich in taste and has immense medicinal value. Black nightshade is often confused with, and sometimes called ‘deadly nightshade’.

The Manathakalli leaves have high medicinal value and are a very good source for the removal and cure of stomach and mouth ulcers and also any indigestion problems. The tiny berries of Manathakalli turns from green to dark black and it has a shiny coat which glistens. These berries taste bland, they are neither sweet nor sour, but what they lack in taste they make up in their nutrient content.

In tropical and subtropical climates across Africa and Asia, the leaves are as ubiquitous as spinach and the berries as common as blueberries. Black Nightshade berries are rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A. Black Nightshade berries can be cooked or simply eaten raw out of hand as a wild food snack. Their musky, slightly sweet and tomato-like flavor lend them to both sweet and savory applications, but they are most often prepared as a preserve as jam or pie filling. In South India, the leaves and berries are consumed as food after cooking with tamarind, onion, and cumin seeds. The berries are sometimes referred to as "fragrant tomato". Its fruit are used as a cosmetic as well. The benefits of adding Manathakalli to your diet are-

● Decoction prepared from the leaves and roots of this plant is beneficial for wounds.

●The juice of leaves is effective in curing Mouth Ulcers and Fever.

● It helps in reducing Ear ache.

● Manathakalli helps in combating stomach problems like cramps, flatulence, and stomach ache.

● Black Nightshade helps in countering Cirrhosis of the Liver. It also protects Liver and fight against Jaundice.

● Decoction prepared from its leaves and stem is a good herbal cure to fight Diuresis.

● Haemorrhoids is also effectively treated by Black Nightshade.

● Being anti-diarrheal in nature, it cures Diarrhea and symptoms associated with it. It provides strength and energy to the body.

● Black nightshade herb is used as a Blood Purifier. It aids in treating Night blindness.

● Black nightshade are also useful for the treatment of Cancer as it possesses Narcotic properties.

The Black nightshade or Manathakalli at Kamaleya is sourced fresh from the farms. Manathakalli Keerai has high nutritional value, plenty of vitamins and minerals and is very safe to be taken during stomach ache. We are all aware of the Manathakali n the form of greens. It's also tough to eat in the form of greens on regular basis. Hence we have gone into the woods and found the best farmers who cultivate this plant with the utmost care and procured from them the very best to give you products like Manathakalli soup and Manathakalli powder. Our motto is "Healthy meets Convenience”. We aim that our food and spices give you the goodness, flavors and aroma that come from pure and unadulterated spices. Add them to your daily diet to infuse a punch of flavor without compromising on your health. Good food choices are investments and add to the treasure of nutrition in our body and taste for our tongue.


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