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Jowar Millet Rava (500 gms) (Cholam\Jola)

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Who doesn't love corn anyway?! We can eat corn anyway, anytime. Corn is always our munch partner during a lazy day, but to make it more interesting, we have our corn/jowar upma served right at your doorstep. Our Jowar Upma remains a wholesome meal; people from all age groups can enjoy a cup of organically processed upma. It is free from preservatives, additives, and artificial coloring. Surprise your tummy with our tasty yet healthy Jowar Upma!

Health Benefits

  • It aids in Weight loss.
  • It contains Essential Amino Acids.
  • It treats Anemia.
  • It controls Blood sugar Levels.
  • It is high in Fiber.
  • It fortifies Bone density.

Storage Instructions

Please store it in a cool, dry place. Once opened transfer the contents to an air tight container.

Shipping Information

  • Delivery takes up to working days within Tamil Nadu.
  • Delivery takes up to 3-7 working days within South India (Kerela, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana).
  • Delivery takes up to 7-10 working days in other parts of India.
  • Delivery to North Eastern states and hilly regions takes up to 14 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
jowar millet and jaggery cookies

experimenting with millets and jowar has really worked well compared to other millets. bought jaggery from kamaleya too and they made a really good pair. i was able to make really delicious cookies which even my grandparents could have

jowar laddoo

made jowar laddoo for my daughters birthday.. made laddoo and coated it with chocolate.. worked as a really healthy snack and a nice way to make kids eat healthy..

keeps heart safe

the fibers in the jowar millet is very safe for the heart as it keep the cholesterol under control.. i was advised by my doctor to take more millets and this has been viable in sooji form.

helps relieve constipation

millets are rich in both soluble and insoluble fibres which is really good for the gut and the whole digest system. this helps to regularise stools and keeps safe from colon cancer..

helps cope with pcos

having so much of side effects because of the medicines and food restrictions have been difficult. choosing a diet with millets has really been helpful. and this is a yummy option