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Manathakalli Soup (100gms )

Manathakalli Soup (100gms )

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Manathakalli Soup (100gms )

Our Manathakalli soup comes in a packet of 100g, 25 cups. Our soup uses Manathakalli or Black Nightshade berries as the main ingredient. The Black nightshade or Manathakalli at Kamaleya is sourced fresh from the farms.

Nutritional Information

Kamaleya’s Manathakalli soup has a rich nutrient profile containing abundant calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin A. Our food products are 100% natural. A 100g serving of Manathakalli soup contains 0g Trans fat and 0mg cholesterol.


  • Manathakkali, Cumin, Pepper, Tomato, Onion, Green Gram Salt

Health Benefits

  • Being anti-diarrheal, it cures Diarrhea and symptoms associated with it.
  • It provides strength and energy to the body.
  • It helps in combating stomach problems like cramps, flatulence, and stomach ache.
  • Adding Manathakalli soup in your diet can help in the alleviation of stomach and bladder problems. 

Allergen Advice

Explore delicious soup options that align with your dietary needs by opting for varieties that do not include mananthakali (black nightshade). Enjoy flavorsome soups made from safe and wholesome ingredients, ensuring every meal is both satisfying and allergen-free.

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