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Pack of 2 Pasta (200gms x 2)

Pack of 2 Pasta (200gms x 2)

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  Why kamaleya’s pasta? Kamaleya’s pasta is chosen for its lesser cooking time and versatility. It is your gateway for a healthier pasta filled with the goodness of millets and is not like your regular maida based products. This combo will give you a chance to try all three varieties of pasta and its goodness. 

Multi millet pasta: it is a blend of millets like little millet, kodo millet , jowar and foxtail millet into pasta. They are whole grains and provide more nutrition than traditional pasta made from refined wheat or maida. This pasta has a high fibre content making it healthy 

Multigrain pasta : Kamaleya’s multigrain pasta is made from a mixture of different types of grains such as wheat, bajra, ragi, oats and jowar. These grains are filled with high fibre content and the nutrient content is a lot more than the traditional pasta. 

Chickpea pasta:  Kamaleya’s chickpea pasta is made with a combination of chickpeas, oats and lentils(dal). These ingredients are nutritious and provide the daily required protein for the body. This unique combination is a great option for people looking to add more plant based protein and whole grains to their diet. 

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