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Horsegram/Kollu Soup (100gms )

Horsegram/Kollu Soup (100gms )

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Horsegram/Kollu  Soup (100gms )

Our horse gram soup comes in a 100g packet with 25 cups servings. Horse gram is considered a miracle superfood as it is rich in nutrients and minerals.

Nutritional Information

Kamaleya’s horse gram soup consists of a good amount of fiber and minerals such as calcium, iron, and protein.  Our food products are 100% natural. A 100g serving of Horsegram/Kollu soup contains 0g Trans fat and 0mg cholesterol.


  • Kollu, Cumin, Pepper, Tomato, Onion, Green Gram Salt


 Adding Horse gram soup to your diet aids in weight loss. It is a highly nutritious food with almost no fat. The unprocessed raw horse gram seeds have the ability to reduce high blood sugar following a meal, by slowing down carbohydrate digestion and helps in reducing insulin resistance. Return to roots by going organic. Eat better and feel better.

Allergen Advice

Horsegram is a nutritious legume that does not typically contain gluten, nuts, or dairy. It is generally safe for most individuals to consume.


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