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Kodo Millet Rava (400 gms) (Varagu/Arikelu/Harka/Koovaragu/Kodra)

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Are you looking for a weight-loss diet plan? Then here is a secret for you. Kamaleya Kodo Millet Upma is the quick solution for a healthy life. Kodo Millet has a fantastic property that aids weight loss. It is made of high quality as it is processed organically with no artificial flavoring, additives, or preservatives. A comforting bowl with exquisite taste is just what you need for a healthy lifestyle.

Health Benefits

  • It aids in weight loss and Manages insulin resistance.
  • It is rich in phenolic compounds that show antioxidant activity.
  • It is an excellent source of iron.
  • It is also gluten-free, like other millets. It makes up for the lack of wholegrain fiber in celiac diets. It is also a rich source of essential amino acids.

Storage Instructions

Please store it in a cool, dry place. Once opened transfer the contents to an air tight container.

Shipping Information

  • Delivery takes up to working days within Tamil Nadu.
  • Delivery takes up to 3-7 working days within South India (Kerela, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana).
  • Delivery takes up to 7-10 working days in other parts of India.
  • Delivery to North Eastern states and hilly regions takes up to 14 days.

Customer Reviews

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less processed

buying the other processed rava in the market is not good for health because it has too much of sugar content as it is processed and is stripped off its nutrients which is not safe for diabetes. this is a better and healthier option to change to.


the colour of the sooji was not very different from the sooji we get in the market. tastes well when paired with vegetables like the basic ones in our kitchen..

pleasant product

very nice product. just give it a quick roast for some extra crispiness. otherwise everything is good like the quality and packaging.

best inventions

i have tried many soojis but kamaleyas sooji has become my new favourite.. i never had any idea that there was rava available made from varagu! but wow.. it has a hint of its own taste to it! amazing..

nice quality

kamaleyas product is always fresh and meets your expectations. has a nice quality and standard. and the taste is always at its point..