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Muesli with Fruit & Nuts

Muesli with Fruit & Nuts

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Muesli with Fruit & Nuts

Well we all enjoy a bowl full of happiness with milk and fruits, and it becomes more delicious when it gives us almost no trans-fat in return. Kamaleya’s Multi Millet Flakes comes with a wealthy blend of millets and goodness of Oats enriched with Dry Fruits. It is more than just an interesting alternative to the more common grains. It contains Millet Flakes like Ragi, Pearl Millet, Foxtail Millet, Barnyard millet, Little Millet and more. A healthy mix that is beneficial for all age groups. It includes essential nutrients such as copper, manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium. Our tasty and crunchy breakfast regime is a healthy breakfast option to begin your day with. They have no added refined sugar and no added preservatives.


  • Rolled Oats 21.00%, Ragi Flakes whole 5.00%, Extruded Jowar Flakes 6.00%, Extruded Barnyard millet flakes 3.00%, Brownrice Flakes 12%, Extruded Bajra Flakes 6.00%, Extruded Foxtail millet flakes 10%, Little millet flakes 5.00%, Almond slice 5.00%, Pumpkin seed 2.00%, Rice bran oil 2.00%, Honey 10%, Sunflower seed 3%, Watermelon seed 3%, Flax seed 1%, Pista 1%, Cinnamon Powder 1%, Cranberry 3%, chia seed 1%, Pink salt 20%, Natural antioxidant (INS 392) 0.10%


  • No Added Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • High in Fibre
  • Trans Fat & Cholesterol Free
  • Made from 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Aids in weight management
  • Zero Processed Sugars

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 

Add 30gms of the cereal to a bowl.

Step 2 

Add 1/2 cup of hot/warm milk into the bowl

Step 3

Eat & Enjoy. Add fruits to make it a whole some breakfast

How to consume?

Add 30 gm cereal in a cup and add warm/cold milk and garnish with fruits of your choice. Enjoy your healthy, nutritious breakfast.

Allergen Advice

Enjoy the wholesome blend of muesli with fruits and nuts! Prioritize brands that emphasize allergen-free processing to savor its nutritional benefits worry-free

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