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Amla Powder (100 gms)

Amla Powder (100 gms)

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Amla Powder (100 gms)

Our Indian culture has provided with immense valuable medicinal foods. Every herb and shrub possess unique qualities. One among naturally available fruit is Gooseberry/Amla with a sour taste and commily found in Indian homes.


  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Helps fight cold
  • Helps burn fat
  • Improves eyesightBuilds immunity


  •  Amla


 Cooking Instruction

     USAGE 1

  • Add a teaspoon of kamaleya Amla powder  to  hot water and drink it as tea.

     USAGE 2

  • Add  a teaspoon of kamaleya Amla powder to hot rice or curries.  

      USAGE 3

  • Add Kamaleya Amla powder to chappathi flour or Dosa batter.

Allergen Advice

  Please note that amla powder is generally considered safe for most people. However, individuals with allergies to berries or those sensitive to vitamin C supplements should exercise caution when using amla powder.''

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