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Little Millet Rava (400 gms)

Little Millet Rava (400 gms)

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Little Millet Rava (400 gms)

Upma has always sounded boring, but to make it up with it, Kamaleya Little Millet Upma is a fun, tasty, and easy way for your everyday cravings. Little millet has the highest source of Magnesium. It is a quick and convenient way to have a nutritious meal. Our Little Millet Upma is naturally processed with no added preservatives, no artificial coloring, or additives. Enjoy healthiness served at your doorstep.

Health Benefits

  • Little Millets are considered a rich source of antioxidants; their consumption offers a great deal of protection against free radical-mediated diseases.
  • It is very rich in Calcium, Protein, Iron (8 times higher than rice) & Magnesium.
  • Little Millet is a natural body coolant.
  • It has high amounts of phosphorous and B-complex vitamins.
  • Regular consumption of pearl millet in moderate quantities relaxes the body, brings in a calm feeling, and fights off insomnia.


  • Little  millet 

Cooking instruction 


Add a cup of water into   Little Rava and add a veggies to pour the dosa on tava (Rava dosa)


Fry the   Little rava till crispy add sugar, coconut & fried cashwes. Add warm milk to make a ball (Rava Ladu)


Boil a cup of water add   Little rava to cook then add a sugar, cardamon powder, fried raisins and cashews with ghee (Rava kesari)

Allergen Advice

Enjoy allergen-safe cooking with little millet rava (semolina): opt for certified gluten-free options and explore diverse recipes for delicious, worry-free meals.

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