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Bajra,Ragi,Red rice poha combo

Bajra,Ragi,Red rice poha combo

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Bajra,Ragi,Red rice poha combo

Kamaleya’s Millet Poha is your 5-minutes solution to the mid-day cravings, breakfast, and healthy dinner. It is loaded with immunity-boosting millets and processed organically- and therefore free from fertilizers, chemicals & additives. Enjoy the natural flavor with the immense health benefits of exotic millets and the advantages of organic farming-all together! Our Millet Poha is the right balance of carbs, protein, and fat for a wholesome start to the day.


  • Bajra Poha : Bajra millet 
  • Ragi poha : Ragi millet 
  • Red rice poha : Red rice millet 

Cooking Instruction

            USAGE 1

                   Maharashtrian Gopalkala Recipe (Curd Poha With Fruits)

            USAGE 2

                   Kothamali Aval Upma

             USAGE 3

                     Vegetable Oatmeal Poha with Peanuts, Coriander

              USAGE 4

                    Curd Poha Recipe

Allergen Advice 

it is made from millet grains and is typically free from common allergens such as gluten, nuts, and dairy. It is generally safe for individuals with these allergies to consume.



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