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Kodo,Ragi , Jowar Rava combo

Kodo,Ragi , Jowar Rava combo

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Kodo,Ragi , Jowar Rava combo 

Kamaleya’s Millet Rava are your quick solution to the mid day cravings, breakfast, and the healthy dinner. It is loaded with immunity boosting millets and processed organically- and therefore free from fertilizers, chemicals & additives. Enjoy the natural flavor with the immense health benefits of exotic millets and the advantages of organic farming-all together! Our Millet Rava is a right balance of carbs, protein and fat for a wholesome start of the day.


  •  Kodo millet 
  •   Ragi millet
  •  Jowar millet 

Cooking Instruction 


Add a cup of water into  Kodo , Ragi ,  Jowar  Rava and add a veggies to pour the dosa on tava (Rava dosa)


Fry the  Kodo , Ragi ,  Jowar   rava till crispy add sugar, coconut & fried cashwes. Add warm milk to make a ball (Rava Ladu)


Boil a cup of water add  Kodo , Ragi ,  Jowar   rava to cook then add a sugar, cardamon powder, fried raisins and cashews with ghee (Rava kesari)

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