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Ragi Rava (400 gms)

Ragi Rava (400 gms)

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Say goodbye to cheat days and turn them into healthy treat days! Kamaleya Ragi Rava brings you the segment of healthy and yummy tummy feeling. It is rich in iron. You can have it daily to enrich the goodness, and it can do wonders. Millet is a whole grain and is considered a 'good carb,' hence being easily digestible. Moreover, it's an excellent alternative for people with gluten sensitivity. 



  • Eleusinian is the primary protein content that is found in Ragi and, this protein helps prevent malnutrition and is considered a healthy source of protein.
  • Ragi can increase amino acid content and calcium, and iron is essential for children and women.
  • Ragi has high amounts of Fiber in it that it keeps your stomach full and stops you from unwanted cravings.
  • Ideal for diabetics or people prone to high variations in blood sugar.
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